Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Birthday, Camera!

Well, my camera turns 1 today. It's my Nikon D70s. What a year it's been! Just shy of 15,000 pictures; many techniques learned, with the camera, the lenses, flash systems, Photoshop; and many sights seen that would not have been explored without a camera at all.

It's also been a year since I last used film, except for the odd Polaroid for fun.

I've decided to celebrate with the sharing of some of my favourite images. All shot with the D70s. I've added any relevant information below each image. Enjoy the show!

My brother playing guitar - with 50mm 1.8, ISO 1600.

A farm in PEI. 18-200VR

A building in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Perspective Corrected. 18-200VR.

Rain out my apartment window. 80-400VR

A duck and its home reflected - Public Gardens, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 80-400VR.

A tree reflected in a burned out, smashed up tractor. 18-200VR.

Cormorants in PEI. 80-400VR.

A Grey Jay in St. Anthony, Newfoundland. 80-400VR

Swans in Bowring Park, St. John's, Newfoundland. 18-200VR.

Western Brook Trail, Gros Morne, Newfoundland. 18-200VR.

Bottle Cove, Newfoundland. 18-200VR.

Window Washers, Purdy's Wharf, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 18-200VR.

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick. 18-200VR.

Cabin at Night. St. Anthony, Newfoundland. Sigma 20mm 1.8.

Beetle in Victoria Park, Truro, Nova Scotia. Sigma 20mm 1.8.

Slug eating Mushroom. Nikkor 60mm Micro.

Sunflower. Sigma 20mm 1.8.

Shot in the Rain. Nikkor 60mm Micro.

Shot with Nikkor 60mm Micro.

Fall colours in puddle. 80-400VR.

Amy, my fiancée, in Aylesford, Nova Scotia. 18-200VR.

My sister, Jenny, and her new born son, Dawson. Nikkor 28mm 2.8.

My Mom, far in front of a cave in Bottle Cove, Newfoundland. 80-400VR.

Thorny branch. Shot with Nikkor 28mm 2.8 reversed.

Lone Branch. Nikkor 60mm Micro.

A construction site in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 18-200VR.

Sunrise from Dartmouth Bridge, Nova Scotia. 18-200VR.

Halifax Harbour Sunrise, Nova Scotia. 18-200VR.

The moon and part of the bridge girder, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 18-200VR.

Frost melting off a leaf. Nikkor 60mm Micro.

Boat on the Horizon and Sunset. Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. 18-200VR.

Kingsburg, Nova Scotia. 18-200VR.

My Dad stirring my tea at lunch, with reflection in tea pot. 18-200VR.

Funky houses on the horizon at sunrise. Kingsburg, Nova Scotia. 18-200VR.

Shed (lit remotely by SB-600) and sunset. 18-200VR and SB600 - triggered wirelessly.

Broken down shed in Kingsburg, Nova Scotia. Lit inside, and front outside, with two SB-600s, triggered wirelessly. 18-200VR, 2 SB-600s.

So, many many images, and even more fond memories. This camera has served me great, and will continue to for years, I'm sure. Now, back to shooting!

Happy Birthday, camera.

Thanks for sharing.


Robert said...

That reminds me, my camera turned one at Christmas. Happy Birthday to your camera, and thanks for all the editing tutorials.

That 18-200 VR seems like the deal... if only I could find one in stock for less than a $999.00!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to your camera. The pictures are wonderful. Have a great year ahead. Peep into my blog for some unique birthday gift ideas.

Tommaso said...

Great shot, with so big range of lenses you demonstrate that in the end lens and cam is not all in photography, it count more who stay behind the viewfinder!
Happy new year!

Dez said...

I love your images Matt. Congrads to the camera on it's 1 year birthday and keep shooting!

Dez in NYC

Terry Geiger said...

I really like the "boat on the horizon" picture. Actually I like all of them.

TJ said...

Thanks for all the inspiring photos. I am also using a D70s, and it's really good to see what it can really do. Thank you

TJ said...

Thanks for all the inspiring photos. I too have a D70s and it is really inspiring to see what it can do, more so, what the person behind it can do =)

Anonymous said... are so talented..youre pictures are so amazing..congrats...they were so inspiring