Saturday, January 06, 2007

Important Photography Links


I've compiled a list of sites that I have found useful, and that I believe have a lot to offer. This list is obviously far from exhaustive, but I hope this will be a helpful resource for you all.

If there is a site that has helped you immensely and want to share it, please Email it to me. I do want to keep this list as compact as possible, but want to make sure to share important information.

Broad Photographic Resources
DPReview Perhaps the best place to not only begin, but to learn a lot about photography. Camera reviews are top-notch, and the forums cover everything photographic.
Radiant Vista Learn much about Photoshop (see Photoshop Workbench) and about how to "see" images. Informative and easy to follow video tutorials.
Thom Hogan While mostly geared towards Nikon equipment (his user guides are essential), he's a wealth of level-headed knowledge. Keep an eye out for him in the DPReview forums.
Luminous Landscape A great resource with many tutorials and reviews - reviews go beyond just cameras to printers, software, tripods, scanners, etc.
Photozone Just about any lens you can think of has been tested here. Lab and real-world tests - very reputable.

Portrait Information
Portrait Lighting Some basic concepts for lighting and portraits.
Wedding Photos A fabulous guide on how to take and light great wedding photos (with gorgeous examples included).
Eye Editing Tutorial on improving eyes in Photoshop - really helps to make a portrait picture pop.

Strobist This, to me, is one of the best sites for lighting (flash) information. It goes beyond the how-to (and covers so much of that!), and really inspires. Truly is a must-see.
Light Box Instructions on how to make your own, inexpensive light-box.
On-Camera Flash How to effectively use on-camera flash.
Photoflex Lighting School They cover lighting from the basics right up to studio lighting with complex kits - clear and well explained. Dozens of specific lighting tutorials. Covers a lot of issues that come up when lighting a subject, and how to get around those issues.
Wedding Lighting An excellent walk-through for wedding lighting. Written for Nikon Flashes.
Bouncecard 1
Bouncecard 2
Bouncecard 2
Three different do-it-yourself (DIY) flash bounce cards. They're all cheap and easy to make, and all do wonders!
Wireless Flash Compensation In-depth Wireless Flash Compensation instructions for Nikon CLS flash systems.

Sharpening 101 Thom Hogan's Article on sharpening. Clearly covers the how's and why's of sharpening.
Advanced Sharpening A tutorial with some solid, advanced sharpening techniques.
Un-Sharp Mask How to apply un-sharp mask (USM), and just as importantly, the theory behind the task.
USM Values Some USM values - useful as a rough guide until you get the hang of things.
Haze Removal Using USM to remove haze from pictures - powerful tool, wha?

Action Central This is the site that introduced me to Actions. Has many actions already built that you can load into Photoshop. Also has some great tutorials so you can build your own actions.
Photoshop Lab This page has several Photoshop tutorials - many of which go beyond regular photo editing.
Russel Brown This guy really knows his way around Photoshop. The links stretch long down the page, so make sure you take a good look.

Colour Management
Colour Management Basics The basics of Colour Management, including aRGB and sRGB. Covers when to use each for JPG, RAW, printing, and the web.
Colour Management Discussion A good discussion of the many pros and cons of using different colour spaces.

Sources of Inspiration
Matthew Hollett My friend, Matthew Hollet's, website. He has a natural eye for photography, and a gift for writing. Check out his Oughtful section. When I read the words he puts with his pictures, it makes me wish I could shoot every second of every day.
Brian Larter Brian's blog has some great images (he just began a photo-a-day project for this year!), and some inspiring Photo Projects. It's ideas like Brian's that keep me shooting when I feel I've run out of ideas. He's also involved with environmental movements - because without a world to take pictures of, we'd all be lost. A fun, useful collection of photography links. They go beyond the usual (like the science behind people blinking in photos!). Check back often to see the constant additions. An always-changing collection of the best photo blogs. Technique and skill are covered with the many other links above, but sometimes inspiration is what you need. And with hundreds of blogs to pick from, there's no end to the inspiration you'll find here.

And there you have it. A long list of amazing internet photographic resources.

Please remember that the internet is not the be all and end all of resources. There are many many excellent books and magazines out there, not to mention other photographers at local camera clubs or at your local camera shop. And be sure to get out and shoot! There's no point in learning all the best techniques if you aren't out using them to take pictures. (In fact, pick up a camera right now and take a picture. Of yourself, your friend, the food in your fridge!)

Again, please Email me if you have any sites you want to share with me. We all have lots to learn!



Sean S. Photography said...

Very helpful post! The only links I would add would be and (for heads up on aurora-producing sunspot activity).

Andrew Ferguson said...

Hey Matt,

Nice roundup post, lots of good stuff in here.

Brian's 365 project is inspiring to me as well, I'm following it pretty closely. Actually, I'm the one who brought you to his attention. I found this via Photocritic and naturally, sent it to Brian.

We've been friends for a while and we're both photographers so there's a pretty constant stream of links back and forth we each want the other to check out.

Vera said...

Hi Matt,

Impressive link collection, and well organized. Thanks.
May be this site would be interesting for you?

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