Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Images - February 10, 2007


Winter isn't the easiest time for me to shoot; it's cold, the days are short, and nature's colours are dull. This is no reason to pack up the camera gear, however. Sure, fewer opportunities means we have a little more time to shop for good deals on used gear, and make sure cameras, sensors, lenses, tripods, bags, flashes, batteries, chargers, accessories... are clean and in tip-top shape, but it's a great time to learn, too.

I set a goal for myself - 1,000 pictures a month over the winter. That's approximately 30 pictures a day. That means I have to go out every day and look for inspiration: new objects, new composition, new techniques. It hasn't been easy, but I think it's really been paying off. My hit rate isn't quite what it was in the summer or fall, but I'm getting some pictures I'm really happy with.

I have many more on my photo site, but here's a sampling of some of my favourite pieces.

Please enjoy, and email me any comments, or post them here.

Lip prints on a steamy window.

A screw under blue paint on a rainy day.

An old Toyota in the snow.

Sea smoke on Halifax Harbour.

Thanks for sharing.

Matthew Greer


airbiscuit said...

The last pic is amazing.

mrlarter said...

love the last pick. it looks like an amazing cover to a book.

::Angelé Kemp:: said...

Sea smoke on Halifax Harbour is indeed beautiful! Wow.. Keep it up. :)

audrey said...

i love the shot of the harbour--excellent!

Photo Buffet said...

Halifax Harbor never looked so good. Beautiful, high-drama photo. I like it a lot, Matt.

peter said...

Wow - the atmosphere in the misty image is breathtaking.